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Since 1992 ICM delivers design and manufacturing of dies for the production of steel parts for the automotive industry. We offer a big choice of products and services, from the simultaneous engineering up to the tryout at the production press.

ICM is continuously investing in new technologies, in order to offer our customers the best products, the best service and the highest productivity. As a confirmation of the continuous investments we can provide high-speed milling machines and design in 3D solids. ICM is pioneer in implanting the quality-management-certifications DIN EN ISO9001-2000 and DIN EN ISO14001 in the die-making industry.

The automotive industry improves daily the security, the petrol-consumption and the gas-emission of their cars. This has led to the use of new material, like aluminium or HSS (High-Strength-Steel). Jointly with the automobile manufacturers ICM has developed a high experience with this innovative materials. Nowadays we can be proud of being experts in manufacturing dies for pressing parts of high-strength steel.

ICM offers the complete process-chain, beginning with the design of the concept and up to the final development. With our experience and „know-how“ we offer the best customer-service:

    • Manufacturing of prototype dies, progressive dies,
       transfer dies and conventional dies

    • Tryout

    • Matching

ICM works with the most innovative technologies in all our activities:

    • CAD/CAM

    • Simulation

    • High-speed milling machines

    • Mechanical, hydraulic presses

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